American Pacific International School offers students in Nursery to Grade 12 a high-quality American Standards-Based Education. We have developed a specific international curriculum unique to our school but based on the American core curriculum. This ensures that our curriculum is standardized and world class since it is taken from best practice from around the world.  We have adopted these standards which we will use in our Cambodian context. Students who succeed with these international standards will have opportunities for further study all over the world.

The overall aim of the curriculum is to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to live a complete life. Students are trained to analyze and synthesize information and not just regurgitate facts. Students must be able to apply the information and skills they learn in class to their everyday life which proves their understanding.  The core areas of English, science and mathematics reinforce the ability of students to think rigorously and carefully about the concepts based on critical evidence and not whim. They are forced to think through problems in English and apply what they learned in various ways. Science puts an emphasis on inquiry and technology, and in math on the ability to reason and understand the laws of the universe. Furthermore, students receive instruction in Art & Design, Music, Computers, Library, and Physical Education. In addition, our excellent Khmer program offers students exposure to Khmer language and culture. Our curriculum ensures that our students will be prepared for any further study anywhere in the world. 


Not all students learn in the same way or on the same day. To be fair to all students, teachers look for the most consistent demonstration of learning and give students multiple ways of demonstrating that learning. We assess your child daily in a number of ways. We observe and record what we see, we give weekly quizzes and tests, we ask your child to do some sort of performance demonstration monthly and we use very clear performance criteria to evaluate your child. Using these tools we can fairly and accurately judge the performance of each child in the class. 

Your child is constantly being evaluated with very clear criteria and for all demonstrations of learning we create a rubric with the class so that everyone agrees on very clear targets. Your child will also be shown exemplars of work so that they have very clear goals.  We will never compare your child with any other child in the class. Your child will be measured only against himself or herself and clear curriculum expectations.


Assessment is done on a daily basis and is reported to parents four times a year. There are two semesters (four terms). Half way through each semester your child will bring home a progress report highlighting his or her strengths and areas to be developed. We know that we have to work together as a school with the child’s family for the student to achieve maximum results. At the end of each semester, we report in details how each student did in each subject measured against our clear criteria. Students will be in one of four categories. They will either be exceeding the grade level expectations or meeting them, which is where we expect all students to be by the end of the year. Some students will only be beginning to understand the concepts or developing an understanding of the grade level skills and concepts since they are just beginning to learn the new work. Knowing exactly how each child is doing in all subjects twice a year allows parents the opportunity to work with the teachers to help develop their children’s abilities. We do not label students: we know that children are constantly developing their knowledge and skills and do not remain in one category or level of performance throughout the year. Each subject is reported on separately.

Opportunities to Meet with Parents

Teachers welcome every opportunity to meet with parents which is done after each reporting cycle as well as a Curriculum Day early in the first term. In the first Curriculum Day, the parents of a specific class will meet with the child’s teacher to see and hear what the children will be learning that year. Each teacher will make a presentation to the all of the parents of the class at the same time.

After each written report to parents, parent meetings are arranged to meet individually with parents about the specific progress of their child based on his or her portfolio of work which will be presented to the parents at that time. We want each parent and extended family member to be part of their children’s learning.


We are very proud of our teachers. Each class has at least two qualified teachers teaching the class at any one time. Since English is the language of instruction, each class is led by a Western teacher. All of our teachers have university degrees and additional training in second language teaching. 

Our Khmer teachers are fully certified as teachers and we are lucky to attract the best graduates because of the exemplary reputation of our school. Our students are well served by our stellar faculty.


In addition to the usual air-conditioned classrooms, each campus has a computer suite, a library, an art room, a movie room and a Physical Education area with a small swimming pool.

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Parent Meeting


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