MOU Signing Ceremony

Sovannaphumi School Delegates had a Successful Visit to Thailand in the Purpose of International Collaboration in Educational Program Development with The Prince Royal’s College.

NTC Group delegates have recently completed a successful visit to Thailand for 5 days from June 07 to June 11, 2015, led by Oknha Chea Thilay, the General Director of NTC Group, along with Mr. Khim Phon, Chief Executive Officer of NTC Group, in the purpose of promoting educational development programs with other prestigious colleges in Thailand. Sovanaphumi School has always made great efforts to develop human resources in Cambodia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport.

The delegates of NTC Group had a fruitful visit to the following educational institutions:

  1. The Prince Royal’s College
  2. Chiang Mai International School (CMIS)
  3. Payap University
  4. Watana Wittaya Academy
  5. Bangkok Christian College
  6. The Church of Christ in Thailan

The delegates of NTC Group had fruitful education experience exchange sessions with those of many well-established institutions in Thailand. In addition, Oknha Chea Thilay, the General Director of NTC Group, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Prince Royal’s College, a well-known educational institution in Thailand. The NTC Group, Cambodia and The Prince Royal’s College, Thailand, hereinafter called “The Parties”, guided by their wish to expand cooperation and exchanges in the field of education on the basis of equality, mutual understanding and efficiency, agree upon the following.

  1. Information and Educational Resources Exchange
  2. Managing and Teaching Staff Exchange and Visit Programs
  3. Student Cultural Exchange Programs  and Study Tours

This clearly shows that the management team of Sovannaphumi School is committed to providing the students with quality education through building educational partnership with other well-known international institutions, including educational training programs, student cultural exchange programs, and study tours. Through cultural exchange programs and study tours, Sovannaphumi School students will learn about history, culture, and traditions of the other countries around the world. Sovannphumi School has always been determined to assist its students in becoming well-rounded citizens who are fully equipped with knowledge, skills and attitude.


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