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Oknha Chea Thilay started his first school called New York City Center in 1996, and decided to adopt a new name “Newton Thilay School” in 2005. Founded in 2006, Newton Thilay Community was formed as a big group and since 2010 has been renamed “SAHAKUM NEWTON THILAY GROUP Co., Ltd” with its acronym “NTC Group” with the subsidiaries as follows: Newton Thilay School, Sovannaphumi School, American Pacific International School, East West International School, and NTC Training Center.
Oknha Chea Thilay, the Chairman and Founder of NTC Group, is considered to be a visionary and influential leader. With his lifelong ambitions of owning the leading schools in Cambodia, he has invited many talents on board to execute NTC Group’s missions. On top of that, Oknha Chea Thilay has been shaping people in his charge in a sense; all his employees hold onto the shared core values of the organization: professionalism, respect, innovation, and ownership.
Oknha Chea Thilay is one of the greatest minds of his generation and has a unique and strong personality. He believes in hard work and thrives in whatever he aims to do. His friends, employees, and business partners respect him for his clear vision, courage, and kindness. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Oknha Chea Thilay is recognized for his kindness and contribution to the society.

Okhna Chea Thilay, Founder & General Director

Last year has gone fabulously and we are ready to start our new amazing academic year 2021-2022. In fact, we have gone through a challenging time in pandemic for three years and the future is uncertain about the Covid-19. Education is profoundly impacted together with other sectors in every country across the globe. Although it is badly impacted, I am confident that education can come over this challenge because together we bond stronger like what we have done in the past years. Besides the challenges, we find room to improve. We will turn this challenge into the opportunity to develop ourselves in online learning and digital literacy competencies. From novice to fluency, our teachers and students are ready to grab the opportunity to learn ICT and apply it in teaching and learning. Our management team is deliberately working hard to innovate the online learning process to achieve our quality learning goals. In the next academic year, we commit to innovating our process and product of online learning that help us realize the potentials of ICT in education.
As a Chief Operation Officer, I promise that we will not compromise our quality teaching and learning with the challenge of online learning. We will strive for the best acceptable quality of learning despite the different modes of study. Finally, I believe that we together can prepare our students to cope with any unpredictable challenges on the top of this Covid-19. Thank you, students and parents, who are always with us, in this difficult time!

Khay Sambonin, Chief Operations Officer

The world we live in is constantly changing, and the jobs available today are not the jobs of 20 years ago and will not be the jobs available in another 20 years from now. Education is a life-long process that doesn't begin or end in the classroom but encompasses all areas of life.
Our goal at American Pacific International School is for our students to become life-long learners so that when they graduate, they will have the opportunities, options, and skills they need to pursue and succeed in their education, careers, and future lives. We do this by encouraging and helping our students build their knowledge, develop their skills and deepen their understanding so that they are ready to overcome the challenges of this modern, ever-changing world. We aim to provide a supportive, challenging, and interactive learner-centered environment that promotes critical and creative thinking, inquiry, resilience, adaptability, independence and interdependence, and international mindedness. All of which are skills necessary for success in this modern-changing world. When students can begin asking their questions and finding their answers, they are prepared to succeed in education and their future careers as leaders in Cambodia and globally.
Our classes are led by teachers from native English-speaking countries, with our younger classes are aided by Cambodian Learning Assistants. Our teachers use the latest methodologies in education with an emphasis on inquiry and project-based learning to improve critical and creative thinking. We also focus on building respectful relationships, self-reliance, and creativity. Our classes also combine into more enormous groups to work on projects and tasks, thus broadening their opportunity to work together with other students and interact with other teachers. APIS is accredited through the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MOEYS) to provide the national curriculum and exams. We also use the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), and Cambridge Secondary Curriculum to meet our students' needs and increase their learning opportunities. Please feel free to stop by to look at our facilities, talk to our staff, and ask any questions you have. We would love to see you.

Norman Jensen, Academic Principal Daun Penh Campus

At American Pacific International School, we strive to deliver an education that truly encompasses the whole child – academically, socially and personally.
Our curriculum teaches students the skills and knowledge that are necessary to advance in today’s world, such as communicative language abilities, science and ICT. Beyond these core subjects, our school integrates character building through a focus on personal development. We aim to instill all of our learners with the 8 Personal Goals of the International Primary and International Early Years Curriculum by building these into our daily teaching practice. These goals include adaptability, communication, and resilience. As a result, when students leave our school, they are fully prepared to achieve success in the next stage of their lives.
Our teachers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and all share a passion for teaching and youth development. A welcoming, safe and learner-centered environment is at the center of our classrooms so students can feel at ease while learning and growing.
We welcome you to stop by and visit our campus to learn more.

Steven Hopkins, Academic Principal Pet Loksang Campus

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