Cambodian Language and Culture Program

The full-day students at American Pacific International School, beginning in Kindergarten, have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Khmer language and culture through dedicated classes. These classes cover a variety of subjects including the Khmer language, social studies, geography, history, mathematics, and science. The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the culture and its language, which is crucial for students to communicate and interact effectively with the local community.

At grade 6 and grade 12, all full-time students will be required to take the Cambodian National Examination as mandated by the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (MOEYS). These exams are designed to evaluate the students' academic progress and proficiency in the Khmer language, social studies, and other subjects.

To ensure that students receive sufficient exposure to the Khmer language and culture, the Cambodian classes last for 2 hours for the kindergarten students, and 2.5 hours for all other grades. This accounts for approximately one-third of the classroom time each day. With this dedicated time and focus, students are well-prepared to succeed academically, socially, and culturally in their Cambodian community.