Why Choose APIS?

Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Sending Your Kids to APIS
1. Safe and Secure Learning Space

We provide a safe, secure learning space where students’ needs come first.

2. Accredited International Programs

We follow fully accredited international programs (International Early Years Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum) preparing our students to study anywhere they choose.

3. Accredited National Curriculum

We offer a fully accredited national curriculum (Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports, Cambodia) ensuring our students will succeed in Cambodia.

4. 21st Century Skills

We focus on developing 21st Century Skills (communication, collaboration, critical-thinking, and creativity).

5. Internationally Minded

Our students are internationally minded, understanding themselves as both citizens of Cambodia and the world.

6. Native Speakers

All classes are taught by native speakers of the subject (English, Chinese, and Khmer).

7. Personal Learning Goals

We go beyond academic goals and set Personal Learning Goals (e.g., adaptability, thoughtfulness, respect) to foster positive traits among our learners.

8. Training and Development

We have on-going training and development for all staff members.

9. Respect and Value

We respect and value the opinions of our parents, students, staff and community.

10. Continually Growing

We are continually growing to offer more opportunities for our students beyond the classroom.