Build confidence to stand up to bullying

Healthy self-esteem is vital for counteracting bullying in our schools. Bullies tend to seek out those they think won’t stand up for themselves, meaning kids who project confidence are less likely to be targeted.

Be confident

Show your kids how to have confidence by standing up for themselves when necessary. Kids need to understand the difference between assertiveness and aggression.

Spend quality time together

When you make effort to spend quality time with your children, they feel valued and worthwhile and this builds confidence.

Value difference

Young people are terrified of standing out from the crowd, and this herd mentality allows bullying to thrive. Teach them t value diversity and appreciate the unique qualities in themselves and others.

Instill a sense of personal power

Teaching kids to not only recognize the difference between right and wrong but to do something about injustice is very empowering. Knowing they can bring about positive change in the world is one of the most valuable lessons they’ll ever learn.